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Isabella's Story

Isabella started her life in Turin in 1967. As far as we can tell from her sketchy records, she spent 8 happy years there before she moved to Bagni Marinella on the coast. We don't know how long she spent there but in 2009 records show she popped up in Busalla. That's the last we can find of her in Italy until she landed on UK shores back in 2017. Isabella is a 54 year old Fiat 500 F. For those of you that have met her she's had her chrome upgraded and an original front number plate attached. If Isabella could talk, I dare say she would have a few stories to tell about her adventures.

Isabella's story: Welcome

The Fiat 500

The Fiat 500 is a city car originally marketed as a family car…a small family! Our Fiat 500 is under 3 metres long has a 499cc engine and puts out a massive 18bhp. Even though it is converted into a mobile Prosecco bar our Fiat 500 is road legal and regularly drives to events in Surrey, Kent, Sussex, London, Essex and Hampshire. They’re never fast journeys but generate plenty of smiles on passing faces.

Known as the Nuova (new) the Fiat 500 was launched in 1957. To mark the 50th anniversary of the launch Fiat started manufacturing the new Fiat 500 that we see on all our roads now. Very much based on the original design the Fiat 500 is still a head turner.

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Want to hire a Fiat 500?

'Fiat 500 Hire does exactly what it says on the tin; we hire out adorable classic Fiat 500s for weddings, corporate events, TV and film, or anything where you want to bring a smile to people's faces with this iconic car.

We have a selection of Fiat 500s available as part of our network all over the UK and some can travel anywhere as they are transported on a trailer.  Pick from a choice of colours too.'

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'Ricambio International Ltd are a family based business established since 1969.  We are specialists in Italian car parts for Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Lancia, classic models like the Fiat 500, 600 and 126 as well as today's current models like the new Fiat Grande Punto, New Fiat 500, Fiat Panda and Alfa Mito.'

Ricambio have been great supplying extra parts to keep our mobile prosecco Fiat 500 on the road...and adding some nice visual upgrades. We highly recommend!

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The Fiat 500 club was formed in 1992 due to an increased interest in the Nuova 500 and its derivatives, and the lack of a dedicated body to co-ordinate events and put owners and enthusiasts in touch with one another.In its first year the club attracted almost 300 members and new members join weekly.

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